Holy Guacamole, this Avocado is Cozy!

Avocado Mattress

I’ll admit it, we needed a mattress upgrade a long time ago. But when it came down to getting a new one we were extremely hesitant. And with good reason because where do you even start? What brands should you trust? So we kept our ‘old reliable’ despite the occasional back and neck pains (not […]

50 Connection Questions for Couples

A key aspect in building connection is learning the inner workings of your partner – what do they think about? Aspirations? Personal goals? How do they feel about your relationship? As we go through our day to day lives filled with school, work, and other responsibilities, we tend to push these vital conversations to the […]

Surviving Homophobia in Your Home

lgbtqia pride

We’ve been where you are right now. We’ve survived the pain and trauma that comes along with existing in a homophobic space (including biphobic and transphobic). You are not alone and it does get better. Hearing Homophobic Terms I remember watching an episode of Judge Judy that showed a black lesbian couple. Not sure what […]

Traveling While LGBTQ+

If you’ve ever had questions about international travel this is the place for you. There are many spectacular things to see and experience around the world, but where do you start? Sometimes you might need help making your destination list. You might need help with knowing if it’s safe to travel somewhere. We have recommendations […]

Black Queer Travel Guide

2 black women traveling

You’ve been on lockdown for more than a year and that meant little to NO TRAVELING! It’s been an extremely rough year for you but you made the best of it. We’re so proud of you! You had to adjust to this “new normal” way of living. Now, vaccines have rolled out and it appears […]

Natural Bridge State Park – Virginia

NATURAL BRIDGE IS STUNNING! I have been obsessed with Natural Bridge State park since I was a kid. It is a State Park in Rockbridge County, Virginia and it’s pretty spectacular. Natural Bridge is a 215 foot tall, naturally occurring arch made out of limestone gorge carved out by Cedar Creek *mouth drops*! WOW! Natural […]

7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

We can all agree that we want and deserve to be in a happy, thriving relationship. If you don’t agree, then you should! As a black and queer counselor,  I speak with many individuals that could benefit from good advice about how to love yourself and your partner better.  What are your needs and wants […]

Inside Our Camera Bag: The Photography Equipment We Swear By

When we began sharing our lives on social media, we didn’t have the best photography equipment that we thought we needed. We were in our early 20’s scrounging up birthday monies, school refunds, and the pennies we made at work in hopes of purchasing the latest camera that we had no idea how to use. […]

Quirk Hotel Review: BlackQueer Experience

Richmond, VA is home to some of the country’s most historic and beautiful places. The Quirk Hotel is one of them. Located in the heart of Downtown Richmond on West Broad Street, it is walking distance from the Jackson Ward area that was once the Black Wall Street. The Quirk Hotel is now a stunning […]