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Ready for a ‘Better Union’?

After years of marital and counseling experience, we’ve learned that the key to a healthy marriage is healthy individuals. Our blog and podcast will give you the tools necessary to become a better version of yourself and teach you how to carry your best self over the broom into marital bliss. 

This is for every queer woman of color that has ever felt misplaced or mistreated

Ariel Wilson, TheWordQueer

7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

What are your needs and wants in a relationship? Do you have a good relationship with your family and friends? To have a happy and thriving relationship you must have a good relationship with yourself. Take some time to write down some of your wants and needs in a relationship. Are your wants and needs reasonable for another person to meet? I sat down with my wife to get her thoughts about healthy relationships too. Together, we are going to give you some advice on how we stay happy together.