Thewordqueer is a blackqueer couple. This photo is of the couple enjoying a kiss together in the Quirk Hotel

Richmond, VA is home to some of the country’s most historic and beautiful places. The Quirk Hotel is one of them. Located in the heart of Downtown Richmond on West Broad Street, it is walking distance from the Jackson Ward area that was once the Black Wall Street.

The Quirk Hotel is now a stunning and VERY PINK dwelling. It is perfect for any celebration or weekend getaway. Voted Loved by Guests LGBTQ+ Winner in 2020 by, we knew we could safely spend our Valentine’s Day 2021 here as a BlackQueer couple. Staycation or Gaycation??

Charm, Quality, Great Service

The BlackQueer couple we are loves charm, high quality things and great service and this hotel had all of these qualities and so much more! The rate was a bit pricey, costing a little under $300/per night, but understandably so. The hotel has amazing décor, an art gallery, outgoing staff, eccentric and thought provoking artwork throughout, and a restaurant and a bar that served up some of the most delicious food and drinks I’ve had.

Food and Drinks

Speaking of food and drinks, I purchased their breakfast package. We had to make sure that we were up between 7:30a-10:30a – that was a struggle – but we made it each day. The breakfast bar did not impress my honey because she did not like their breakfast options. I loved it because I was able to order my beloved grilled cheese sandwich. You could taste the love, taleggio and provolone picante cheeses with each bite. It was also served with tomato soup. YUM! My honey ordered their Gianduja Pancakes each morning. Gianduja, pronounced /jänˈdo͞oyə/, just means hazelnut chocolate, Concord grape syrup and whipped cream. She prefers French toast, which wasn’t on the menu, but this was a fantastic alternative.

A picture of Gianduja Pancakes served at the Quirk Hotel Restaurant
Gianduja Pancakes from Quirk Hotel

Quirk Hotel Gallery

A picture of Ariel enjoying art at the Quirk Hotel Gallery

Next, we explored the Quirk Gallery. The hotel works closely with Virginia Artists so you can expect carefully picked pieces to line the walls of the Gallery. If you’re an art lover, you’ll love this space. The most memorable art is behind the coffee bar, on the wall. We couldn’t believe our eyes once we learned that the piece was created out of recycled coffee lids and trash bags. It’s stunning! You have to see it for yourself.

The hotel check in/out process was simple. We chose to check in/out via the internet. Millennials… I tell ya! I was able to check into our room TWO hours before the original check in time. That deserves praises! What hotel allows you to check in earlier to maximize your vacation time? Incredible. This really set the tone for our stay.

The Guest Suite

This hotel boasts spacious rooms, averaging 280-380 square feet. In other words, the rooms are HUGE! The extra space was refreshing for the honey and I because our bedroom at home is not nearly as large. The rooms are minimally decorated, which also gives to the illusion of space. The beds are comfortable and clean. We checked for you! The bathroom was pristine and quite pleasing to the eye. The only issue we had with the room was with the temperature. We informed hotel staff about our issue with heat in our room and they quickly accommodated us by moving us to another room. But even that room was ice cold. My theory is that the hotel is quite old and not well insulated. We were freezing in both rooms! So keep that in mind if you visit Quirk during the winter season.

A picture of Dom looking happy in our guest suite in the Quirk Hotel

This blog post is an overview of the hotel and our travel experience. We recommend the Quirk Hotel for anyone visiting Richmond, VA. It’s an LGBTQ+ friendly hotel that is proud of its allyship. That deserves praises because we enjoy traveling. We had such a great time here. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. The staff was so nice and made you feel warm and at home. 9 out of 10. Would recommend and would definitely come back.