I’ll admit it, we needed a mattress upgrade a long time ago. But when it came down to getting a new one we were extremely hesitant. And with good reason because where do you even start? What brands should you trust? So we kept our ‘old reliable’ despite the occasional back and neck pains (not good, we know).

We researched online for, what seemed like, forever.… This meant reading thousands of reviews and comparing the best brands. We came across Avocado Green Company and we were sold! It was ultimately what the company values were that made our decision a lot easier.

Are we struggling vegans with our food diet? Absolutely. But we’re strong advocates for companies that aim to reduce waste, create eco-friendly spaces, and create products that are certified organic, natural and non-toxic. So it was a no brainer! 

What is Avocado Green Mattress Company? 

Avocado started in 2016 as a company that makes certified organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. It is a company that is conscious, ethical and sustainable brand that creates organic and natural pillows, mattresses and bedding. 

Is Avocado worth the hype? 

The answer you seek is YES. It’s certainly worth the hype. The best part for us is the texture and flexibility of the mattress. It’s soft and plush and we enjoy that. The process for creating the mattress is eco-friendly from start to finish. Your items are handmade when you place your order to reduce waste. And it’s made with the best natural materials. Visit their website for more information: www.avocadogreenmattress.com

The verdict: 

You’re going to fall madly in love with your Avocado green mattress. We wake up every morning feeling refreshed. We would recommend this to our family and friends. Sleeping in a good mattress is important for your mental and physical health. We stand by our Avocado because it’s amazing. 

Holy guacamole, this Avocado is cozy!