When we began sharing our lives on social media, we didn’t have the best photography equipment that we thought we needed. We were in our early 20’s scrounging up birthday monies, school refunds, and the pennies we made at work in hopes of purchasing the latest camera that we had no idea how to use. It was difficult imagining us starting without having those pieces we thought we needed. If I could tell our younger selves anything about that now, it would be to:


What did we have at that time? Two iPhones. That’s it. We began learning how to operate the iPhone camera, tips and tricks to taking better photos, and watched so many How-to YouTube videos.  We let the pressures of owning the fanciest equipment slide off our shoulders and our photography journey became a lot easier. 

Now that we have a few years under our belt of practicing, we would like to share with you some of the equipment we swear by. This is by no means to convince you to purchase what we use. We advise you to WORK WITH WHAT YOU GOT and, when you’re ready, maybe add in a different piece to practice with next. 

The Cameras

Best photography equipment: iPhone
Image by Freepik
Best photography equipment: tripod

Ah, the infamous iPhone. This is the most important item on this list for us. Without the iPhone, we wouldn’t have started in the beginning of our journey. We both have iPhone 11’s and utilize Portrait mode for majority of our photos. We like the separation of the background from the subject. And as long as your camera settings are set to 1080P or 4K you can shoot fantastic video content as well. We also love the phone because it’s much easier to carry around and we most likely have it on us at all time. Our tripod from Best Buy helps us take photos while out and about (Click here).

Best photography equipment: canon Eos m50

We use our Canon EOS M50 to film our YouTube videos. Honestly, we don’t pick up our Canon as often as we used to because we like the convenience of our phones. But when we do, we utilize movie mode and manual mode the most. There are tons of YouTube videos that will teach you how to use the camera. It’s definitely going to get more use now that we have better lighting equipment! 

With the Canon EOS M50, we use the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens (Click here). Before getting this lens we were working with the kit lens. It was good, but it didn’t allow us to use the aperture we wanted to use. Like I said before, we love when the subject is separated from the background. This lens allows for us to get that super focus on the subject, while blurring the background really well. We have a neutral density filter (Click here) that allows us to shoot in bright light without the risk of overexposed footage. 

The Lighting

Best photography equipment: Lighting kit
Image from Amazon

We purchased this lighting set up from Amazon (click here) and have loved it ever since! Good lighting is key to any photo or video. Obviously, natural light is best (especially the infamous Golden Hour) but the next best thing is this lighting kit. 

Lighting kits don’t have to be expensive but they are a good tool to have. Some days aren’t as sunny to provide the perfect natural light. Sometimes you’ll need to record a video at night. Lighting helps you do that. We haven’t used rings lights yet but we’ve heard great reviews about those also. 

These are some inexpensive, totally accessible items we use to enhance our photography. Comment any equipment you use for photography that we didn’t mention. 

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Great read! And yes I was definitely wondering what camera you were using in the latest blog you posted 8Apr21. I use my iPhone primarily for my vids as well. I do I have the canon M50 but mainly interested in using it for photos only. I’m interested in the sigma lens line up as well in order to get that nice bokeh ?. Again, thanx for sharing.

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