Ariel and Dominique Wilson met at Hampton University in 2012 when Ariel approached Dominique in a biology class. After a sly, “can I work with you” on Ariel’s part, they exchanged numbers and have been inseparable ever since. The start of their relationship, though electrifying and exciting between the two of them, was rocky when it came to family and friends. They were not “out of the closet” and thus, made a massive statement by simply being together. Through friendship loss and familial strains, Ariel and Dominique traversed the coming out path that many queer people know too well. 

In 2019 Ariel and Dominique decided to take their relationship to the alter. They had a private elopement in Maui, Hawaii and made memories to last a lifetime.  But their return to the mainland from marital bliss reminded them that their struggle was far from over.

In a cry to be seen and treated as a couple in front of family and friends, TheWordQueer was birthed. Ariel and Dominique’s plan was to post the photos they already took as a couple to Instagram, in hopes that family and friends would see the love in their relationship. What they didn’t know was that TheWordQueer would come to help so many people across the globe. 

Today, TheWordQueer stands as a representation of strong, healthy, Black queer marriages. TheWordQueer is an outlet for anyone who needs reassurance that they are very normal and very much celebrated. Ariel and Dominique will continue to authentically share their lives in hopes that one day the LGBTQ+ community will be free from stigma, harmful stereotypes, and violence!